Daff Day Dig-a-Thon

Volunteer improve soil in difficult but thriving shrubbery

Many thanks to the volunteers who took the time on Saturday to plant bulbs and garden in Barnard Park. The weather certainly didn’t disappoint: it was a sunny, mild November day brightened by the reds and yellows of autumn leaves. Tough work was undertaken near the Hemingford bus-stop where volunteers dug through hard soil and rubble to plant daffodils by the railings. This didn’t daunt three-year old Ted who helped his dad plant bulbs in the hard ground. Another team cleared the central shrubbery by the Lark in the Park pub and spread compost to enrich the poor soil there. This unfenced bed continues to do surprisingly well given its exposure to foot and dog traffic. Here shrubs with bright berries of the season contrast with blue hebes which survived previous year’s snow and yellow marigolds in their last bloom. Greenspace, the parks department, supplied a batch of shrubs to start off the space but now most of the additions come from what we can scare up: seeds, plants from allotments, sale left-overs and donations. It’s real community gardening.

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