Our purpose is to work with local residents and Islington Council to encourage the regeneration of Barnard Park, to help with its day-to-day management and to improve its services and amenities for the community.

We hold family and cultural events, organise community gardening projects, monitor ground maintenance, engage with the authorities on anti-social behaviour and provide a conduit to the Council for opinions on the park.

We work for park improvements with the Adventure Playground, the One O’Clock Club and Greenspace. We represent the park at MAGPI, formed with the police to deal with anti-social behaviour in the borough. We are also active in Islington Friends of Forum, formed to link local park groups. We engage with St Andrews School and other neighbourhood schools as well as local gardening and ecology groups.

We publicise issues affecting the park on this website and by periodic newsletters and emails to our membership. All of our activities flourish only through local engagement. Please join up, and/or send your thoughts, suggestions or points for discussion to friends@barnardpark.org. 2013 should be a pivotal year.