If you just want to keep track of what's happening in the park, what we're doing, and perhaps join a community gardening day, why not join our mailing list? It's a low-volume, announcements-only list which carries news of our meetings, projects, events and developments in the park. Sign up below. A member of the Friends of Barnard Park is one who supports a park for the diverse user groups that enjoy it.

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Privacy Notice

Friends of Barnard Park (FoBP) is a community group which promotes voluntary activities in Barnard Park including gardening and Pop-Up events. We communicate with those on our mailing list to inform them of events, activities and developments relating to the park. We regard this as a legitimate interest under the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will only ever use the personal data we hold for the purposes of advising you of activities, events and other matters relevant to the use and enjoyment of Barnard Park.

All the personal data held by us is stored securely.

We will never pass on personal data to any third party.

Should you wish to check any personal data that we are holding about you, update it or have it removed from our records and systems please email us at friends@barnardpark.org

FOBP analysis and audit of holding information under GDPR as a legitimate interest

Legitimate interests: if you are a private-sector organisation, which FOBP is, you can process personal data under the legitimate interest heading if you have a genuine and legitimate reason so to do, unless this is outweighed by harm to the individual’s rights and interests.

There is a longer discussion and definition of legitimate interests in the ICO Guidance to the new GDPR.

Names for the FOBP mailing list were specifically provided by those in the community with an interest in Barnard Park and its activities. FOBP communicate with those on the mailing list providing updates/details of meetings/opportunities to assist in gardening etc. This is the most effective way of promoting the FOBP community message and use of email is key to FOBP’s underlying purpose. Hence it is a legitimate use of the data FOBP holds.

The rights and lives of those receiving the emails are not interfered with in any meaningful manner. Equally those on the FOBP mailing list can request they are removed from the list at any time. This is made clear in FOBP’s updated Privacy Notice, details of which have been made available to all on the mailing list.