With its wooded slope, the park provides greenery in an urban space surrounded by a mixture of Georgian houses and modern architecture. There is a good view towards Kings Cross. The park provides a variety of facilities for children and sports.

The One O’Clock Club is a drop-in facility for parents/carers and children aged birth to five. It is currently closed. To enquire, call 07765 140 923.

The Adventure Playground provides supervised adventure play for children ages six to 13. The Awesome Adventure Play website provides current information on playground opening times.

There is a children's playground with a variety of play equipment, and water fountains to wade in during the summer. It is attended for much of the day. When the attendant is on duty, there are toilet facilities for children.

There is a large Redgra pitch (think clay and gravel) for football, softball and other sports. It is also a popular venue for training and running.

park walk