New Bird on the Block

Sounds like an Arsenal supporter

A stylish visitor, the mistle thrush, has turned up in Barnard Park. This dapper bird has a distinctive black spotted cream breast. Rarely reported by park bird watchers, a mistle thrush was recently seen perching on a lime tree in the park next to Barnsbury Road. The bird is fit according to the RSPB website: it is ‘large, aggressive and powerful.  It stands boldly upright and bounds across the ground while in flight, it has long wings and its tail has whitish edges’. The mistle thrush eats insects, worms and berries with its name coming from its fondness of mistletoe berries.  It has another distinctive feature.  While having a sweet song, its ‘alarm call’ is a ‘football rattle’.  This being Islington we assume it’s an Arsenal supporter.

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