Green Team Bustles in Autumn Gardening

Orange nasturtiums to the classroom

The Green Team from St. Andrews School set about autumn gardening chores today in the Barnard Park playground. Children from age 7 to 10 walked over from St Andrews School with Green Team leader Michele Leather and other staff.  Working with gardening Friends of the Park, the Team really made a difference in the playground plantings. The children cleaned out the bed in the playground entrance, cut down nasturtiums, raked leaves and sowed forget-me-not seeds.  In the sandpit bed, the kids gave an autumn tidy to the herbs and planted yellow and orange wallflowers for the spring.  Much energy was shown shovelling compost into a barrow and spreading it on the beds to improve the soil.

At the end of this productive session, the mini-gardeners returned to school carrying pots of orange nasturtium flowers for their classroom.

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