Growing Veg in the Playground

Children in the Adventure Playground had a good vegetable harvest this year. The young gardeners dug out buckets full of potatoes to eat. They also had a great time. The kids are back in the Adventure Playground after a closure in spring due to Covid-19. The Playground is open to children from age 6 to 13 for play after school and during school holidays. It is a vital resource for parents. Over half-term, the children will be planting onions and daffodil bulbs.

Friends of Barnard Park sadly can no longer work directly with the kids due to pandemic restrictions. It’s a loss because our volunteers enjoy working with the children. The kids like it too. But volunteers continue to tend the playground gardens and help with ground maintenance of the site. Vegetables and herbs grown in the wooden garden boxes around the playground amphitheatre include rhubarb, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, sage, and mint.  The volunteers are also making compost to improve the soil.

The girls wash fresh potatoes getting the spuds ready for cooking





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