Good Vibe and Park Gardening

Spring flowering border on Barnsbury Road

There’s been a silver lining to the Covid-19 lockdown in Barnard Park. It has brought many new people into the community green space. The children’s playground and the Adventure Playground are closed for the moment. But the main park is buzzing on sunny days filled with families and parkgoers enjoying the outdoors, doing exercise and running. It’s a friendly atmosphere. Almost everyone has obeyed the rules.

Park gardening volunteers have just kept gardening. Social distancing is not a problem with this outdoor activity. Volunteers tend four park garden areas including a spring flower border the length of Barnsbury Road under the lime trees. Charlotte Terrace residents have nurtured a lovely pink rose hedge in their patch. Our volunteers in the Adventure Playground are growing beans, tomatoes and other vegetables for the children when they come back.

Thank you for all the kind comments about the gardening. It’s all about making the park a welcoming space.

Beans and tomatoes growing for Adventure Playground kids

Pinks roses to enjoy from Charlotte Terrace residents

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