Christmas Roses Bloom On

White hellebores bask in winter

Softly defying the winter weather, bulbs planted by volunteers in Barnard Park could be seen this month adding splashes of colour to the cold and muddy landscape. Bright yellow daffodils and crocus give park users some hope that the weather will warm up SOON. Crocus mark out the bases of lime trees near Barnsbury Road and small tete-a-tete daffs brighten up the central shrubbery and the herb bed in the children’s playground. The most robust surprise, however, are the hellebores flowering in the stretch of border planted before Christmas by our gardeners along Barnsbury Road. Braving snow and dog bumps, the white flowers of the hellebore or ‘Christmas Rose’ have lasted for weeks, providing a welcome sight along the street and a reason to go into the park.


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