Waxwings – Rare Winter Visitors

Scandinavian tourists fly in

Writes Celia Scholes, Feb 16:  I had the thrill of a life time, as I have never seen them before, a flock of 12 waxwing in, probably, a Whitebeam tree or maybe crab apple, in Barnsbury Road at the Adventure Playground avenue entrance.

These are winter visitors, commonly only 100 to the UK, except in years of food shortages, and this is one of those, arriving from Scandinavia. They are about the size of a starling with a beautiful crest, and a song like distant sleigh bells. Look at the RSPB site. They were biting into the berries, knocking them to the ground as by now the berries are rotten as anything. They are primarily berry feeders. I heard an alert on the radio that large numbers came to the UK in autumn because of shortage of food in Scandinavia. Web sites say they can feed oblivious to people, and so it was. I stood below the tree for 5 minutes, counting and recounting, being snowed by dropped berries, no fear, no flying off, just no camera!

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