Park Flowers Like the Rain

There are good things about a rainy summer. The bed tended by our volunteers near Charlotte Terrace can be a tough one given park traffic. But this summer it came into its own with glorious flowers. Yellow daisies and golden rod grew tall with the moisture. The buddleia thrived with dark purple blooms that the butterflies love. Teasels sprang up just in the right place. It’s a good place for pollinators.

The big bed in the children’s playground is also looking good. There are purple Russian sages, white phlox and cosmos, yellow loosestrife and marigolds from seed. Again it’s nature friendly – good for bees and butterflies. There is a cross path for children so they mingle with the flowers.

Yellow daisies and golden rod in the Charlotte Terrace Bed

And buddleia and teasel…

Children’s playground nature friendly garden

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