Fun & Cakes at June 8 Pop-Up


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!       Photo by Lionel Osinnowo

It was breezy at the June 8 pop-up but that didn’t bother Mr. Bubbles. It just meant more bubbles for the children who couldn’t get enough of them. Mason and VJ gave kids a drill test in support of Combat Stress, a charity for veterans. It was a laugh! Pauline from Happy Pots made pottery with the little ones. There were crafts and stories with Alice and the local libraries. The Adventure Playground was buzzing with visitors exploring the play frames and special activities. The community gathered to chat and enjoy tasty home-made cakes at the cafe. With music and fun, it was great day for the family in the park.

Mason gets the children moving       Photo by Lionel Osinnowo

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