Stand Up for Barnard Park

Let's Finish This Job! Come to the Friends Forum on October 15 to give local input on the new plan plan.

Join us at the Friends Forum on October 15 to view and fine tune the new masterplan.

The Friends of Barnard Park

Stand up for your local community park

The final consultation exercise is underway to determine the future of Barnard Park. The plan is on the table and on the website. It’s called Plan B phase one and after years of discussion and concern, the management committee of the Friends of Barnard Park have decided to BACK it.

The FoBP is a local group, open to everyone. We have 250 people on our mailing list. There is a small, responsive management committee. We are in the park almost every day. We weed and plant, remove literally tons of dog mess, we run pop up cafes and events, we liaise with the police and with Greenspace and we do all we can to make the part a decent place for everyone.

The management committee of the FoBP have been involved with the regeneration of the park at every stage. We haven’t always agreed with Greenspace, the Council’s park department. BUT we firmly believe the consultation exercise last autumn was conducted with exemplary fairness by Islington Council. They got back a record number of questionnaires from a huge variety of people and they carefully measured all the replies. This plan is their considered response.

This is why we support this plan:

  • It’s a compromise that works – some people want a bigger pitch, others none at all.
  • It offers a new astro turf pitch, a well-appointed football facility.
  • Pitch free play time is on offer. This is vital. We will campaign hard for as much as possible.. We will also strongly back preference for local community groups.
  • It’s a neighbourhood park. Big business sports groups are pushing to provide football in Barnard Park. Locals will be squeezed out. A full sized pitch would be something very different than what we have now. Think Market Road!
  • We support the work Highbury Football School do, with their training sessions on the pitch for local kids from all backgrounds. We want more space for local kids. We don’t want groups like this to have to go elsewhere turned out by adult pay to play.
  • The plan means more sunny, flat grass spaces in a park that has surprisingly little. A new lawn area will be created for relaxing, informal sport and enjoying a beautiful spot.
  • There is a sports viewing and café area in the middle.
  • There would be space and scope for exercise machines and picnics.
  • The plan means you can walk, run or cycle all round the park.
  • At last we would have paths that go somewhere!

Have a look at the consultation online Both the online consultation and our meeting will give you the opportunity to make comments to fine tune the plan. Community involvement is needed to get it right.

On OCTOBER 15th please join us at Church on the Corner at 7:30pm for a free and open forum on the future of the park.

PLEASE BACK this plan – it gives us a sustainable park for ALL local interests.

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