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Good times with Harriette and the Band

Good times with Harriette and the Band

We’re always up for fun, but pop-up Sunday 8 June was an exceptional day in the park. First, there were performances. Harriette and the Singalong Band scored a hit packing the Adventure Playground amphitheatre with prams, small children, parents and carers, an enthusiastic audience there to enjoy carefree music. Harriette has a big following and by the end of the show 150 people had gathered, many on their feet singing and dancing. In full force, the band featured veteran music makers on guitar, banjo, double bass, accordion, trumpet and drum. Congrats Mrs. H!

Next up, the Young Actors Theatre performed songs from their original production Islington the Opera followed by Protocol Dance Company who entertained with innovative dance moves. These performers are local and very creative so let’s have another round of applause for their artistry.

The day’s real surprise was a petanque tournament in the pitch, the Londonaise, a major international tournament drawing players from France, Belgium and elsewhere. Organiser Bruce Rowland has energetically promoted petanque in Islington and Barnard Park but this did not prepare us for the tournament’s popularity. Petanque players filled the pitch all day intensely watching boules balls deftly roll. French accents were heard ordering Caribbean fare from Daisy Dutchpot’s stand. The games lasted almost into the night bringing the park alive.

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