Green Team Brings Spring to the Park

Playground herbs and flowers cared for by St Andrews School children

Playground herbs and flowers cared for by St Andrews School children

Up for work in good weather and bad, the Green Team of children from St Andrews School are gardening in the playground at Barnard Park. The team, made up of a dozen children from years two through six, focus on environmental issues such as recycling and food growing. The experiences of the group are passed on in assembly and via a bulletin board to the rest of the children at St. Andrews. A natural partner for the park, the school is next to the extension ‘dog park’ on Matilda Street.

Much to everyone’s delight, the Green Team agreed to lend a hand to tend the herb bed in the old sandpit as well as other areas in the playground. The first session was in December when the children cheerfully showed up to plant tulips and daffodils in the freezing cold. Snow was on the ground but this didn’t stop the children from digging holes and carefully placing bulbs inside them. The team did jumping jacks to keep warm.

When spring arrived, the children came to see the daffodils they planted in flower. The daffs stood tall by the entrance of the playground, missed by balls and small feet. In May, the team came back to do more chores. The kids weeded the herb bed identifying thistles, unwanted grass and dandelions. They planted nasturtiums and California poppies making small holes with their fingers and popping the seeds in. To give the plants some moisture, the kids sprinkled the hard ground with water from green plastic cans.

Thank you, Green Team!  You’ve made the park bloom!

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