August Playground Blooms

Young gardener clears herb garden path

The herb garden in the playground is a joy in August. The bed began with a community planting last spring and immediately flourished.  Herbs like rosemary, lavender and thyme flower in early summer with the spiky leaves of white sisryrinchium.  Big blue tuffs of agastache (anise hyssop), Russian sage and bronze fennel are out in their glory this month. Students from nearby St Andrews School have adopted the bed and care for the plants. Last month children visited the playground for a Greenspace event, Whale of a Time, and, with a bit of help, clipped clear the herb bed’s central path. The children love running through the bed and often just sitting in it. Bright flowers draw bees which are fascinating to children and parents alike.  Luckily, the bees have proven friendly, just getting on with their pollinating.  The bed at the entrance of the playground has also been planted by children with daffodils for the spring and orange nasturtiums and deep purple morning glory which are now starting to bloom.

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