Back to Nature at the Adventure

It’s creepy crawlies that fascinate young gardeners from Thornhill School

Children from Thornhill School are learning gardening skills at the Adventure Playground in Barnard Park. Jo Murray from the Friends of Barnard Park is leading a group of young gardeners. Fourteen kids from Year 5 and 6 alternate weeks in a school programme aimed at greater community involvement. There were lots of winter chores to do at the Playground – litter picking, leave raking, composting and weeding. And the kids are up for it.  There is a particular fascination with worms which improve the soil. The school children have made bird feeders with Jazz and Karon from the park department. With spring coming, the next tasks will be planting up the wooden boxes around the playground amphitheatre and a terraced area nearby. Edibles plants – potatoes, green beans and chilies – will be put in the ground soon. Children in the Playground will then use these plants in cooking. There’s an outdoor pizza oven and herbs now growing will be a delicious addition

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