Pony Party at June 10 Pop-up

Making friends with a pony

Ponies! were the stars of the Barnard Park pop-up on Saturday June 10. The day was hot and sunny. Two Welsh ponies, Wally and Bertie, appeared in the park with Caroline Hadden-Wright and Sue Byrne from Think Like a Pony interactive work shop. Volunteers built a corral from crowd barriers. Small children were fascinated by the ponies, who they became acquainted with by gently stroking.

Ponies, dogs and children proved a good match. Everything was calm and under control. Dogs and their owners congregated for Scruffs in a hilarious session with an agility course and prizes for the best trick and other capers. Greenspace, the Park Dog Squad and Animal Welfare Officer Joe Clark hosted. Humour was combined with dog education. It was amazing how positively children responded to the animals.

There was a surprise bagpipe serenade by Connie Longmate. The sound drifted softly through the park. Little Viet Kitchen of Chapel Market served barbecue and noodles while families picnicked. Local folk dropped by to have a snack at the Friends Café and to chat with the neighbours. It was a special summer afternoon with 200 people enjoying the park.

Fun and dog education at Scruffs

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