Planning Committee Decision on Barnard Park


  • On Tuesday May 9th Islington Council planning committee resolved to grant planning permission to the Barnard Park Plan B regeneration proposal. Thank you to the members of FoBP and all our friends and neighbours from so many diverse groups and interests, for supporting this plan.
  • However Sport England is continuing to object to Plan B (see below) on the grounds of the reduction to the formal football pitch. This means that the Council is obliged to refer it to the Secretary of State at the Department of Planning and Local Government because Sport England is a statutory consultee.
  • The DPLG has 21 days to decide whether to “call in” Islington’s resolution to grant permission, and have it reviewed at national level. If the Secretary of State decides not to “call it in” then Islington will be able to grant the permission after the 21 day period has expired. So it’s not yet totally clear what will happen but Plan B is over the first hurdle.
  • We at FoBP feel very strongly that we want to work with all the people who have been involved, both for and against the plan. In the end, we all want the best for the community and we have a great deal in common. So we will be reaching out to other groups, from both sides of the argument in the months to come. Meanwhile, our first event will be the pop up cafe and fun day in the park on June 10th. We hope to see you all there – more info to follow.


Park Plan B has now been referred to the Secretary of State


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