Project Designer at Second Forum


Any ideas to improve the park?

Dear Friends,

We are hosting a second forum to discuss Islington Council’s consultation proposals for Barnard Park. Taking advantage of the consultation’s extension to November 30, another informal get-together has been arranged for the community to consider major changes proposed. Project designer David Ireland will be at the meeting to answer questions including those issues that arose at our first forum.

The details of the follow-up forum are:
DATE: Tuesday 18 November
TIME: 7:00-9pm
VENUE: Church on the Corner – Barnsbury Road and Copenhagen Street
THEME: Discussion with Project Designer about Barnard Park Improvements Proposals

Plan display boards will be on view from 7pm. David Ireland will give a presentation explaining the proposals at 7:30pm. From 8-9pm, there will be an opportunity for the community to discuss the plans and ask questions.

Major changes are proposed for the pitch, park entrances and the One O’Clock Club grounds. Again we are hoping to attract casual users of the park who may be under-represented in the consultation. It would be valuable to hear from joggers, exercise enthusiasts and fitness trainers.

Ultimately, everyone must fill out a questionnaire to register their views on the changes proposed for Barnard Park. The online questionnaire is accessed through the Council’s project website as well as the proposal plans and all other information. The news blog of the Friends of Barnard Park website contains our views and consultation information. There is also a comment posting open in our news blog if you wish to express views.

The Council will compile the feedback received and publish the overall result of its consultation on Islington’s website in early 2015. The Council with then develop one single option and come back to consult with the public on it in summer 2015.

Come join us for a congenial and constructive discussion of changes coming to the park.

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