The new artificial turf sports pitch in Barnard Park has been completed. In January 2024, the 3G pitch will be fully operational and bookable online. The synthetic surface replicates natural grass when playing sports like football and rugby.

Phase 2 of major park improvements is due to begin in January 2024 and continue through the year. These works will include demolition of the existing One O’Clock Club and park keeper buildings. A new hub building will be constructed. The hub building will house public toilets, a park manager’s office and a community room and kitchen. This room can be used as a stay-and-play area for children under five.

Other improvements include a flat grassed area for recreation, improved circulation with all-weather paths, and biodiverse planting. More trees will be planted including a fruiting orchard. There will be a new entrance at Sheen Grove, an outdoor gym and new seating throughout.

The children’s playground will remain open through both phases of work. The Council aims to keep as much of the park open during construction as possible. The works will transform the park and create a functional space which will be valuable to the community.